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Martin Geisler mg at
Wed Dec 8 04:02:25 CST 2010

Adrian Buehlmann <adrian at> writes:

> On 2010-12-06 12:44, Didly Bom wrote:
>> "Why does creating a tag create a newcommit??":
> Because it changes a project and it is an integral part of "what
> happened" in the history of a project. There ain't no such thing as a
> separate history for anything in a specific project.

No, no, making a tag does not change the project -- the project stays
the same no matter what name you attach to it. I think of tags as
meta-datajust and expect them to behave as if I had made separate clones
to keep track of things:

  hg clone . ../project-1.0
  # hack, hack, hack...
  hg clone . ../project-2.0

> Take mercurial itself as a good example: If Matt makes a new release
> he tags a revision. That's an action done on the project as a whole.
> It's an action like "I fixed bug X by modifying line Y of file Z like
> this".

No, it is a very different kind of "action". The action you describe is
changing the data that is versioned by Mercurial, the action I'm talking
about is adding data about the data -- meta-data.

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