Running Mercurial test suite on Windows

Erik Zielke ez at
Wed Dec 8 10:42:40 CST 2010


I have tried to run the test suite on Windows, according to the 
instructions at

I updated my Mercurial clone back to where the queue was last applied, 
and applied the windows testing queue there.

I use Python 2.6, Windows 7 and run the tests from the command prompt. I 
wasn't sure whether the tests should be run from cygwin, but then there 
was a problem with paths. Someone else mentioned something about the 
same thing (I think) on the mailing list a few days ago. So I guess that 
one should use cmd to run the tests.

But I ran into some issues with, e.g.:

- confusion over the two different paths separators
- exit codes: a lot of places tests report 127 instead of 255 as exit code.

Can these problems be because I have set up the test suite incorrectly, 
because they occur in a lot of the tests for me?

Best regards,
Erik Zielke

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