Running Mercurial test suite on Windows

Patrick Mézard pmezard at
Thu Dec 9 03:33:26 CST 2010

Le 09/12/10 09:52, Erik Zielke a écrit :
> Den 08-12-2010 23:40, Patrick Mézard skrev:
>> Le 08/12/10 17:42, Erik Zielke a écrit :
>>> Hi
>>> I have tried to run the test suite on Windows, according to the instructions at
>>> I updated my Mercurial clone back to where the queue was last applied, and applied the windows testing queue there.
>>> I use Python 2.6, Windows 7 and run the tests from the command prompt. I wasn't sure whether the tests should be run from cygwin, but then there was a problem with paths. Someone else mentioned something about the same thing (I think) on the mailing list a few days ago. So I guess that one should use cmd to run the tests.
>> No but you need cygwin configured with LF output on your PATH.
> Yes, the guide also says that, but can't find info on configuring cygwin to that. How is that done?

I don't know, I configure it at install time.
>>> But I ran into some issues with, e.g.:
>>> - confusion over the two different paths separators
>>> - exit codes: a lot of places tests report 127 instead of 255 as exit code.
>>> Can these problems be because I have set up the test suite incorrectly, because they occur in a lot of the tests for me?
>> First, I have not spent a lot of time in the past six months updating the patch queue, so you can expect a lot of failures. I have fixed a couple of them recently but I lack of time to do that thouroughly. Secondly, the test suite never passed completely under Windows.
> Yes. I have seen there are some patches in the queue with tofix guards. It did also understand that the test suite didn't pass completely under Windows, so thought I would try to see if it would be possible for me to make more of the tests run correctly under Windows.

Sure, that would be great. Tests could be either fixed or marked as unfixable/really-hard-to-fix so we could skip them or fail fast when running the suite.

Patrick Mézard

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