[issue2558] Mercurial allows deletion of .hgsubstate which causes a verify error

Scott Palmer bugs at mercurial.selenic.com
Fri Dec 17 11:11:02 CST 2010

New submission from Scott Palmer <swpalmer at gmail.com>:

A colleague accidentally commited a delete of .hgsubstate. Apparently there
was no warning that this was probably a bad idea.

I restored (re-added) the file in the next checkin, but now the revision
whre .hgsubstate was deleted shows an error in hg verify:

>hg verify
checking changesets
checking manifests
crosschecking files in changesets and manifests
checking files
 .hgsubstate at 108: 1d001e3974d2 not in manifests
4 files, 133 changesets, 142 total revisions
1 integrity errors encountered!
(first damaged changeset appears to be 108)

Also the verbose log for that change set lists .hgsubstate twice:

changeset:   108:5ea4baf0ded1
user:        Some User <Some.User at mycompany.example>
date:        Wed Dec 08 10:29:51 2010 -0500
files:       .hgsubstate .hgsubstate
Blah blah blah

messages: 14697
nosy: swpalmer
priority: bug
status: unread
title: Mercurial allows deletion of .hgsubstate which causes a verify error

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