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Tue Dec 28 13:35:08 CST 2010

15 new changesets (4 stable) in mercurial:
changeset:   13191:1aea66b71f4f
user:        Mads Kiilerich <mads at>
date:        Sun Dec 26 00:43:49 2010 +0100
summary:     extensions: warn about invalid extensions when listing disabled commands
changeset:   13192:4d03707916d3
branch:      stable
parent:      13188:6c9345f9edca
user:        Mads Kiilerich <mads at>
date:        Mon Dec 27 17:49:58 2010 +0100
summary:     https: use web.cacerts configuration from local repo to validate remote repo
changeset:   13193:3bbbde6f3e9f
parent:      13191:1aea66b71f4f
parent:      13192:4d03707916d3
user:        Mads Kiilerich <mads at>
date:        Mon Dec 27 17:54:45 2010 +0100
summary:     merge with stable
changeset:   13194:b549ee324aef
user:        Patrick Mezard <pmezard at>
date:        Tue Dec 28 14:53:08 2010 +0100
summary:     test-doctest: test again, removed by 7cc4263e07a9
changeset:   13195:f14cfcc488fb
user:        Kevin Bullock <kbullock at>
date:        Tue Dec 21 15:23:48 2010 -0600
summary:     record: clean up comments and docstrings
changeset:   13196:592998ba3466
user:        Kevin Bullock <kbullock at>
date:        Tue Dec 21 15:27:58 2010 -0600
summary:     record: clean up command table
changeset:   13197:684a977c2ae0
user:        Jim Hague <jim.hague at>
date:        Fri Dec 17 12:05:45 2010 +0000
summary:     opener: forbid paths ending with directory separator (issue2507)
changeset:   13198:e71b2aa74ce3
user:        Nicolas Dumazet <nicdumz.commits at>
date:        Tue Dec 21 19:44:28 2010 +0900
summary:     patchbomb: save introductory message in .hg/last-email.txt
changeset:   13199:a38df1250945
user:        Oli Thissen <oli at>
date:        Mon Dec 06 16:56:06 2010 +0100
summary:     hgweb: added revision date to annotate line data
changeset:   13200:6f011cf52f9a
user:        David Soria Parra <dsp at>
date:        Thu Dec 02 03:43:06 2010 +0100
summary:     avoid .split() in for loops and use tuples instead
changeset:   13201:f05250572467
user:        Zhigang Wang < at>
date:        Mon Dec 20 16:56:54 2010 +0800
summary:     smtp: fix for server doesn't support starttls extension
changeset:   13202:d83566f4453b
branch:      stable
parent:      13192:4d03707916d3
user:        Yuya Nishihara <yuya at>
date:        Fri Dec 24 01:17:18 2010 +0900
summary:     notify: use util.ellipsis() to truncate long subject
changeset:   13203:aa72ff5abf5f
branch:      stable
user:        John Peberdy <john at>
date:        Sun Dec 19 21:49:54 2010 -0500
summary:     help: correct documentation for branches keyword
changeset:   13204:5b83ab614dab
branch:      stable
user:        Adrian Buehlmann <adrian at>
date:        Mon Dec 13 22:38:06 2010 +0100
summary:     checknlink: use two testfiles (issue2543)
changeset:   13205:18f0084a97c8
tag:         tip
parent:      13201:f05250572467
parent:      13204:5b83ab614dab
user:        Matt Mackall <mpm at>
date:        Tue Dec 28 13:31:30 2010 -0600
summary:     merge with stable

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