hg-i18n at 13209: 4 outgoing changesets (4 stable)

Mercurial Commits hg at intevation.org
Wed Dec 29 06:00:05 CST 2010

4 outgoing changesets (4 stable) in hg-i18n:

changeset:   13209:0ac5c8dc5be9
branch:      stable
tag:         tip
user:        Wagner Bruna <wbruna at softwareexpress.com.br>
date:        Tue Dec 28 18:02:50 2010 -0200
summary:     i18n-pt_BR: synchronized with aa72ff5abf5f

changeset:   13208:a54fde8c45b1
branch:      stable
parent:      13206:5b83ab614dab
parent:      13179:4a39a6afc892
user:        Wagner Bruna <wbruna at softwareexpress.com.br>
date:        Tue Dec 28 17:58:14 2010 -0200
summary:     merge with i18n stable

changeset:   13179:4a39a6afc892
branch:      stable
user:        Jens B?ckman <jens.backman at gmail.com>
date:        Tue Dec 21 09:26:59 2010 +0100
summary:     i18n-sv: synchronized with d4393968318f

changeset:   13178:d4393968318f
branch:      stable
parent:      13169:4c1fbed00224
user:        Wagner Bruna <wbruna at softwareexpress.com.br>
date:        Mon Dec 20 19:57:12 2010 -0200
summary:     i18n/pt_BR.po: synchronized with 2fa2e6444645

Repository URL: http://bitbucket.org/mg/hg-i18n

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