Fog Creek sponsoring students for Mercurial development

Benjamin Pollack benjamin at
Mon Feb 1 16:13:05 CST 2010

On Feb 1, 2010, at 5:01 PM, Benjamin Pollack wrote:

> While the ramp-up for this was done quietly to give students the chance to acclimated, things will probably get noisier from here on out.  So, for the moment, if you want to follow along, you can:
>  * Subscribe to the UCOSP blog:
>  * Join us for weekly status meetings in #ucosp-mercurial at 6:30 ET/3:30 PT
>  * Follow the primary development hub at (guest/anonymous), or
>    their mirrors on Bitbucket.  I'll be trying to figure out if there's a way to enable
>    automatic login for the former somehow so that you can just click and browse.

Hate to respond to my own email, but I left off the day of the weekly meeting.  That should read Thursdays at 6:30 ET/3:30 PM.


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