qrefresh -a to refresh all the applied patches (hence parent nodes ids)

timeless timeless at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 02:03:57 CST 2010

So, on the topic of qsplit (on a long series). I just setup a qseries
which was about 650 long. I needed to split it into roughly 650 + 125.

the rule itself was actually mechanical, any file in **/xerces/**
should be excluded from patch "patch" and then added to patch
"patch-xerces" which should have the same commit message as the
original "patch".

The reason that this change make sense is that each patch is fixing a
single misspelled word, e.g. "patch" fixes "ptch", "ptach", "pazh",
"patche", "pache", "pach"... but my original patch was against a
symbian repository which included a module which actually belonged to
xerces (a different project).

I don't think that most people will ever do this, however I have 150
Symbian repositories (if anyone wants to try to clone them, I've
posted a bundle with them as subrepos, it's only 1mb, so you can use
that to bootstrap your own copy of Symbian's world), and I've
generated patches for 2 of them. This means that I have 148
repositories to go :). So, personally, I do have a use for qsplit like
this. However, I ended up using repeated commands which could easily
have been shell scripts, so I don't think that we really need to
include integrate support for this.

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