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Martin Geisler mg at lazybytes.net
Sun Feb 14 12:58:44 CST 2010

Saint Germain <saintger at gmail.com> writes:

Hi again

> 2010/2/14 Martin Geisler <mg at lazybytes.net>:
>> Saint Germain <saintger at gmail.com> writes:
> Ok, I'm quite new to mercurial hacking so I don't understand how
> mercurial developer keep track of all those patchs which arrive on the
> mailing-list (good news ! a lot of contributors...).

Well, to be honest, sometimes we also wonder if we can keep track of
them all :-)

>> So I think they can still go in.
> Good news ! I don't know how I can help for them to go in? I'm only
> looking at my mailbox hoping some questions...

Yeah, it's frustrating :-( Please don't give up!

A good strategy is to go online in IRC and talk with someone who has
touched subrepos. Nobody has listed "subrepos" as an area of
responsibility here, but you can at least see how the IRC nicknames map
to real names:


Just don't be shy, we actually love it when users like you step up and
submit patches :-)

>> We've chosen the latter with a regular schedule, so if your favorite
>> feature doesn't make it for 1.5, then you'll have another chance in
>> the next release cycle.
> Ok I understand. Just let me know if you need me for those patches. I
> have seen other bugs on subrepo (like the one with the 'push' which
> should fail in case one of the subrepo 'push' fail) that I think I can
> correct also.

That is great! The whole subrepos feature has been a bit strange in that
it has takes quite a while until people began using it. So only some
parts of crew (the Mercurial developers) have experience with it. But
the number is increasing and we now even have support for Subversion
subrepos. I think someone talked about Git subrepos too?

> It's quite an achievement by the way, to have a code clear enough that
> a beginner can start hacking without too much trouble...

Thanks a lot, I think that is the kindest comment you can give to a
programmer :-)

Martin Geisler

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