[PATCH 0 of 1] replace Python standard textwrap by MBCS sensitive one for i18n text

Yuya Nishihara yuya at tcha.org
Sun May 16 11:18:41 CDT 2010

Martin Geisler wrote:
> FUJIWARA Katsunori <fujiwara at ascade.co.jp> writes:
> > According to unicode specification, result of "east asian width" are:
> >
> >    W(ide), N(arrow), F(ull-width), H(alf-width), A(mbiguous)
> >
> > W/N/F/H can be always recognized as 2/1/2/1 bytes in byte sequence,
> > but 'A' can not. Size of 'A' depends on language in which it is used.
> So this mean that the terminal chooses a different glyph for the same
> Unicode character depending on the locale it runs in?

Sadly yes. I'm not sure, but it depends on terminal emulator, font settings,
or implementation?

For example, theta "Θ" was historically double-width in Japan,
but isn't in iso-8859 area.


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