[PATCH stable] tests: test `clone --rebase` when local has mq patches applied

Kevin Bullock kbullock+mercurial at ringworld.org
Wed Nov 3 11:49:26 CDT 2010

On Nov 3, 2010, at 11:43 AM, Matt Mackall wrote:

> On Sun, 2010-10-31 at 11:58 +0900, Nicolas Dumazet wrote:
>> I agree that the message we currently output in 2) is awfuly
>> confusing: "abort: cannot rebase onto an applied mq patch", and that
>> should be improved post 1.7, but as far as I can tell it seems logical
>> not to rebase the queue onto a different branch. Am I wrong?
> Probably? Why wouldn't we allow that?

IIUC the aforementioned error comes up when a pull results in tip being on a different branch—that is, when pull --rebase would _automatically and unexpectedly_ try to rebase the queue onto a different branch. Having a `pull` land you on a different branch seems like confusing behavior to be avoided. Or am I misunderstanding the issue?

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