[PATCH] win32: fix unicode error caused by GetModuleFileNameEx (issue2480)

Martin Geisler mg at aragost.com
Wed Nov 10 03:36:33 CST 2010

Yuya Nishihara <yuya at tcha.org> writes:

> Oops, I CC-ed to BTS address wrongly, sorry.
> Yuya Nishihara wrote:
>> # HG changeset patch
>> # User Yuya Nishihara <yuya at tcha.org>
>> # Date 1289320880 -32400
>> # Node ID 08d6ea6440e222ee6530fef95aafd0b9b6d45e8f
>> # Parent  9f2ac318b92e3bde06108bf8493b7d71219ad13e
>> win32: fix unicode error caused by GetModuleFileNameEx (issue2480)
> ...
>> diff --git a/mercurial/win32.py b/mercurial/win32.py
>> --- a/mercurial/win32.py
>> +++ b/mercurial/win32.py
>> @@ -106,6 +106,7 @@ def system_rcpath_win32():
>>      try:
>>          # This will fail on windows < NT
>>          filename = win32process.GetModuleFileNameEx(proc, 0)
>> +        filename = filename.encode(encoding.encoding)
>>      except:
>>          filename = win32api.GetModuleFileName(0)
>>      # Use mercurial.ini found in directory with hg.exe
> I'm not pretty sure, but possibly it doesn't need to use
> GetModuleFileName'Ex'.
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms683197(VS.85).aspx
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms683198(v=VS.85).aspx
> GetModuleFileName'Ex' seems available to get a filename of
> another process.

Yes, I skimmed the second URL and found this


  The GetModuleFileNameEx function is primarily designed for use by
  debuggers and similar applications that must extract module
  information from another process. If the module list in the target
  process is corrupted or is not yet initialized, or if the module list
  changes during the function call as a result of DLLs being loaded or
  unloaded, GetModuleFileNameEx may fail or return incorrect

  To retrieve the name of a module in the current process, use the
  GetModuleFileName function. This is more efficient and more reliable
  than calling GetModuleFileNameEx with a handle to the current process.

So perhaps the whole try-block should be removed?

Martin Geisler

aragost Trifork
Professional Mercurial support

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