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Wed Nov 10 09:34:41 CST 2010

Hi everyone. I'm Nick Sergeant.

I'm a front-end developer in New York, and am interested in helping out the Mercurial community in some way.

A bit about me: I co-founded, where we created,, and I work full-time for where we build things like and

Steve Losh (sjl) works with me at Dwaiter, and introduced me to Mercurial almost a year ago, and we use it every day.

I've been looking for ways to contribute to open-source as a front-end dev, and thought it'd be great to do some design and front-end work for Mercurial. Steve originally suggested that I work on the hgweb interface, but it looks like that's a bit more than I want to handle right now. The public facing site seems more feasible. I also think refreshing the public site is a powerful way to impress new users of hg.

Here's what I want to do:

Rewrite the front-end code
Get rid of JavaScript font replacement, using @font-face instead
Look at the existing information architecture and make suggestions for improvements

Steve is around to show me how to get started working on the site's templating system, so I shouldn't need much instruction there.


Is this something you guys are interested in?
Are there any issues I should be aware of before tackling this project?
If this is all kosher, I'd get started with a design in Photoshop. Should I send design comps to the list, or just to those who are interested?


Nick Sergeant
nick at

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