Sprint discussions/topics/outcome?

Brodie Rao brodie at bitheap.org
Tue Oct 12 12:34:14 CDT 2010

On Oct 11, 2010, at 1:41 PM, Dirkjan Ochtman wrote:

> I've yet to dig through all the changesets resulting from the sprint
> (which I will certainly do), but it would certainly be cool if some of
> the discussions from the sprint could be summarized here. Any takers?

Here's an overview of features, discussions, bugs, patches, etc. that  
came up:

Big new features:

  * Online help in hg serve/hgweb (durin42)
  * Parentdelta support (reduces repo size) (not yet enabled by  
default) (tonfa)
  * Greatly improved changeset discovery (speeds up push/pull) (tonfa)

Unfinished business:

  * "Liquid HG" - a system for safely allowing mutable history (mpm)
  * "Dead heads" support for marking changesets as abandoned (via  
pushkey) (mg)
  * Better templater/templating language
  * Revset support everywhere -r/--rev is used (mpm)
  * "Black box" extension that records warnings, errors, etc. (nicdumz)
  * Improved extension error messages (nicdumz)
  * Test potential migration from Roundup to Trac for bug tracking  
(bmp, brodie)
  * No prompts from "hg merge" (use hg resolve to handle merges at  
your own pace instead) (muggs)
  * Automated PyPI upload through setup.py (tonfa, brodie)
  * hg config --edit (brodie, kiilerix, mg)
  * More consistent/reliable internal URL parsing (brodie, kiilerix)
  * Fine-grained HGPLAIN (e.g., make stuff plain except i18n) (brodie)


  * Cleaning up and reorganizing the wiki
  * Scaling hgweb (smarter etags, better caching)
  * Improving GSoC (mpm, brodie, durin42, tonfa, nicdumz, mg)
  * Improving extension debugging (extensions could provide homepage  
URLs, their own version numbers, and specify what versions of  
Mercurial they support)
  * Better changeset signing support (support for more tools,  
commitsigs integration, pushkey-based changeset signing)
  * Moving extdiff into core and making it use merge-tools settings
  * Moving other extensions into core (progress, record, transplant,  
  * Better auto-generated documentation (via Sphinx, etc.)
  * Adding more command examples in help
  * Better documenting how --verbose/--quiet affects different commands
  * Better documenting internal:* merge settings
  * Specifying merge tools on the command line
  * Improving the release process

Patches for bugs:

  * merge: handle no file parent in backwards merge (issue2364) (mpm)
  * ui.paths: expand paths directly in fixconfig (issue2373) (tonfa)
  * mq: handle deleting the same patch twice in one command  
(issue2427) (danchr)
  * progress: make sure stderr has isatty before calling (issue2191)  
  * windows: handle spaces in path to Python (issue2074) (bmp)
  * import: don't strip '#' lines from patch descriptions (issue2417)  
  * dispatch: properly handle relative path aliases used with -R  
(issue2376) (brodie)
  * revset: lower precedence of minus infix (issue2361) (mpm)
  * strip: add --keep flag to avoid modifying wc during strip  
(issue1564) (durin42)

Other interesting patches that made it in:

  * setup/hg: always load Mercurial from where it was installed.  
(10da5a1f25dd) (danchr)
  * setup: user-friendly error message if Python headers are missing  
(6c0e1aee1b19) (nicdumz)
  * pager: don't run pager if nothing is written to stdout/stderr  
(05077896ffe2) (brodie)
  * pager: add global --pager=<auto/boolean> option (04f6de46bf3a)  
  * copies: don't detect copies as "divergent renames" (ada47c38f4e5)  


  * Made mercurial-consulting mailing list (mpm)

I might be missing some things, but I think that covers a lot of what  
we did at the sprint.

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