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Ryan Daulton <ryan.daulton at> writes:

> Can you add me to this list please?

I guess Benoit has added you now -- but you could have gone to

and searched for 'mailinglists':

> I have the following question I want to post:
>  I am a new user administrator of the HG Mercurial repository for our
> company. This is version 1.1.1. We have a Python script containing our
> source directory right now. Currently, the repository/store is:

In older versions of Mercurial (before version 1.6), there were two CGI
scripts: hgweb.cgi and hgwebdir.cgi. The latter is the one you need to
use if you want to serve multiple repositories.

>  But this script only contains one working directory and I do not know
> how to add another on that same machine. In other words, all of the
> working directories I want to backup are on this same remote machine.

I think you mean "repository" when you say "working directory". Apart
From that, then this is perfectly feasible with the hgwebdir script. You
tell it to serve all repositories found in a certain location and then
you're done. See the wiki:

Martin Geisler

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