[issue2355] eol extention: need automatic reposytory eol style handling

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Wed Sep 1 05:12:10 CDT 2010

New submission from AlexRayne <AlexRaynePE196 at lavabit.com>:

Hallow developers.
i`ve some mailing with autor of eol extention Martin Geisler this winter, 
and he redirect me to devel mailing list to discuss later development of 
this extention.
The point of discussion about my situation - i have inconsistent repository 
with some meaningful history. and now i need provide consistent working 
copy to interoperate with svn repository. at current implementation of 
hgeol i need force repository consistance commit at 1st use. this will 
generate a changeset that totaly replaces some files and therefore impacts 
on repo size, and more serious - blocks any ability to propagate changesets
\merges through this revision. rebase and transplant cant through it too.

To avoid total eol convertion commit to repository i need more flexible 
control on how eol evaluates repository eol style for every file.

here is the some slice of our mailing

> That being said, Mads Kiilerich did suggest that we could support
> >> using different EOL formats for different files in the repository.
> >> Something like this
> >>
> >>   [patterns]
> >>   foo.py = native/CRLF
> >>   **.py = native/LF
> >>
> >> which should mean that foo.py is checked out in native format and
> >> stored in CRLF format, whereas all other Python files are stored in
> >> LF format.
> >>
> as i understand it is not implemented yet. this is close to my
> request. i can propagate it to mentioned here style as
>  **.py = native/auto
> auto (or can be used another word), mean that repostory version format
> does not affected, and detected from revision file (or cached any
> handy way) on any request.

i vote for implementing Mads Kiilerich proposal. imho, it can be 
implemented another way: repository format settings can be described for 
every file in section [repository] of .hgeol file just like for [patterns] 

another proposal from me - repository format auto, imho, would be very 
useful. since it free user from check and enlist every file of repository 
in .hgeol settings. even not very big repository requires hard work and 
time for this work, and it can occurs many mistakes if do it manualy.

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title: eol extention: need automatic reposytory eol style handling
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