[PATCH] subrepo: transfer .hg/subpaths on clone and pull

Martin Geisler mg at lazybytes.net
Mon Sep 6 11:25:15 CDT 2010

Didly Bom <didlybom at gmail.com> writes:

Hi Angel,

Thanks for the good questions :)

> If this extension is not enabled, will mercurial ignore the subpaths
> file to get the subrepo mappings?

Yes, the .hg/subpaths file is actually not read by Mercurial right now.

> Or does this extension only take care of the automatic transfer of the
> subpaths file? Also, does this mean that every user will need to
> manually enable this extension in order to get the automatic transfer
> of the subpaths file?

Loading the extension will make Mercurial read and transfer the
.hg/subpaths file on clone and pull. I think it makes good sense to
couple those two: if you don't transfer the file, then just put your
per-repo mappings into .hg/hgrc. Conversely, if you do transfer the
file, then it should also be read -- it is still read before the
.hg/hgrc file is read.

You are welcome to help us hack on this, if you want :) Perhaps you want
to add some settings to disable reading the .hg/subpaths file if it's
there, or perhaps you want to make it be tranferred on push too.

Martin Geisler

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