[PATCH 0 of 4] pachbomb: only one diffstat confirmation prompt, add --confirm option

Christian Ebert blacktrash at gmx.net
Wed Sep 8 02:03:53 CDT 2010


This series refactors patchbomb's diffstat confirmation prompts
introducing a behaviour change for "hg email --diffstat" and
adding a --confirm option.

(The first 2 patches are a resend)

The first patch allows the localization of the choices
for patchbomb's diffstat prompt by using ui.promptchoice().

Patchbomb's custom prompt was completely silent in
non-interactive mode. The second patch makes it show message and
prompt by catching potential errors before running it through
pure ui.prompt().

The third patch changes the behaviour of "hg email --diffstat":
Instead of the confirmation prompts for each message/patch which
also show the patch description, there is now only one prompt
showing the series' message details and diffstats.

The fourth patch adds a --confirm option which presents the same
prompt as --diffstat, but does not write the diffstats in the
message bodies.

Thanks to Mads Kiilerich for the valuable input on prompt
handling in general and the discussion of the diffstat prompt


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