[PATCH 0 of 4] pachbomb: only one diffstat confirmation prompt, add --confirm option

Mads Kiilerich mads at kiilerich.com
Thu Sep 9 07:56:30 CDT 2010

On 09/08/2010 09:03 AM, Christian Ebert wrote:
> Hi,
> This series refactors patchbomb's diffstat confirmation prompts
> introducing a behaviour change for "hg email --diffstat" and
> adding a --confirm option.
> (The first 2 patches are a resend)
> The first patch allows the localization of the choices
> for patchbomb's diffstat prompt by using ui.promptchoice().
> Patchbomb's custom prompt was completely silent in
> non-interactive mode. The second patch makes it show message and
> prompt by catching potential errors before running it through
> pure ui.prompt().
> The third patch changes the behaviour of "hg email --diffstat":
> Instead of the confirmation prompts for each message/patch which
> also show the patch description, there is now only one prompt
> showing the series' message details and diffstats.
> The fourth patch adds a --confirm option which presents the same
> prompt as --diffstat, but does not write the diffstats in the
> message bodies.

For the record: I think the changes are fine and have no further 
(important) comments.

BUT I have been so deeply involved in the refinement of the patches that 
I think I'm too biased to make the final review.

I'm mostly concerned that these patches changes the user interface a bit 
more than they ideally should. But they changes one of the most 
interactive commands we have, so scripting shouldn't be an issue. They 
changes the --diffstat option that seems very "special" and probably 
isn't used very much. The patches makes Mercurial more consistent and 
makes cleanups that makes the code the way it IMHO should have been from 
the beginning - or updates it to follow how the rest of Mercurial has 

Could some other crew member - or someone who feels something for 
patchbomb - please review and comment?


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