Global subrepository config option?

Martin Geisler mg at
Mon Sep 13 07:26:36 CDT 2010

Hi everybody,

The following commands now support the --subrepos flag that lets them
work transparently on subrepositories:

* add
* incoming
* outgoing
* status
* diff

I expect that people want to use this option almost all the time if they
are heavy users of subrepos. My client suggests that we make a global
config option that will enable recursive behavior (or disable it).

Something like

  recurse = True

Perhaps it would also be smart to make the --subrepos option a Boolean
option, similar to how the --color option behaves:

  hg status --subrepos=never  # no recursion
  hg status --subrepos=yes    # yes, please recurse into subrepos
  hg status --subrepos        # interpret this as yes (True)

That way, the user can override the config file as needed. This should
also work for commit, then:

  hg commit --subrepos=no -m 'Just the top-level files'

but maybe that is more controversal?

Martin Geisler

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