[PATCH 1 of 1] keyword: set up the repo.ui in reposetup()

Christian Ebert blacktrash at gmx.net
Fri Sep 17 11:53:38 CDT 2010

* Christian Ebert on Friday, September 17, 2010 at 12:50:05 +0200
> * Matt Mackall on Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 16:03:44 -0500
>> On Thu, 2010-09-16 at 17:21 +0200, Christian Ebert wrote:
>>> # HG changeset patch
>>> # User Christian Ebert <blacktrash at gmx.net>
>>> # Date 1284650452 -7200
>>> # Node ID 77a0ffaeda094775cc29edcdf8dcac770816aad3
>>> # Parent  2ae4d6c31dcc32d53fb55b54f5ebc2714ff218f2
>>> keyword: set up the repo.ui in reposetup()
>> Queued, thanks.
> Oh. I was unsure myself whether this was actually needed, as I
> tried to explain in the intro. Nevermind, it shouldn't do any
> harm. But admittedly it's a bit like throwing in uisetup blindly
> (I guess it's called at least twice now), which is why I hoped to
> get feedback from the people who can _see_. When I find time I'm
> gonna try and make head of the extension loading process. 

As far as I can see dispatch._parse is called before reposetup,
so this patch doesn't make any sense. Can we hold it back until
we find an actual use case where it does make sense?

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