[PATCH 0 of 5 experimental] backward merge, update cross branches, port command

Gilles Moris gilles.moris at free.fr
Tue Sep 21 14:18:16 CDT 2010

Those are very experimental patches that I have work on as home work during
this summer. It started witht he will to fix issue 1932 and 2171.

The patches are more or less ordered by maturity. The last patch is the most
important one, but also the most fragile. I am not even sure that the
strategy I used for handling the copies detection is the good one. probably
not. It is still breaking the test suite but I don't want to go further
without feedbacks.

Basically, the first patch is just a prettifier patch, reordering the display
of the local, ancestor, other in merge and filemerge debug information.
The second patch ensure that all the knowledge about what should be the
ancestor is now in merge.update, and not dispatch around.

The third and forth patch are examples of what we could achieve if we are able
to implement copy detection in a general case, i.e. with another ancestor than
the most recent common ancestor. We could cross branches with hg update, and
basically kind of transplant with merge. Patch 3 and 4 will work provided that
there is no copy/rename.


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