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Martin Geisler mg at
Thu Sep 23 02:52:03 CDT 2010

Christoph <christoph at> writes:

> Am 22.09.2010 15:32, schrieb Wagner Bruna:
>> Christoph<christoph at>  writes:
>>> As Mark mentioned in IRC, the next freeze for 1.6.4 will
>>> be in 8 days, and I don't think I can update all missing
>>> translations in this time.
>> I just noticed that all recent German translation work is being done
>> on the default branch; if you're targeting 1.6.4, you'll need to
>> update the stable branch too.
> Until now I submitted every change via the Transifex website. I
> thought, that would be enough, since Martin removed the stable
> sub-project there.

Hmm, yeah... I removed it since Transifex apparently didn't know how to
submit to any other branch than default. It's a moot point anyway now
since Transifex is changing their workflow in the next release and so
that they wont submit anything to the upstream repositories. So people
using Transifex (that's only you, I think) will have to change workflow.

In any case -- when translating for Mercurial you should generally pick
one of the two branches:

* default branch: your translations will be put into the 1.x releases.
  This is the easiest target. You will see a continuous stream of small
  changes to the strings as we update them during development.

* stable branch: your translations will go into the 1.x.y releases. When
  making changes on stable, you must remember to merge them into default
  and so this is harder than staying on default. You must do the merge
  since we don't know your language and thus cannot resolve conflicts.

  When we get near a release, you will see a big influx of new strings.
  This happens when default is merged into stable for the code freeze.
  You will therefore have to be ready for extra work in the last two
  weeks up to the release. You can minimize the work if you keep the
  default branch translated too.

I would definitely recommend people to focus on the default branch until
their translation is near completion. That is another reason why
Transifex should submit there. When default is mostly translated,
advanced translators can begin translating the stable branch too and
keep both branches up to date.

Please feel free to edit this and put it on the wiki...

> To make my life easier, I cloned Martin's hg-i18n repo at Bitbucket
> yesterday. That way I don't have to push my changes directly into the
> crew repo and screw everybody. Alternatively, I could push in Martin's
> repo, if I'm allowed to :)

You should have push access to hg-i18n now.

> Merging the changes back to the stable branch should be done by Martin
> until I'm familiar enough with the workflows here. My panic mail is a
> good example of how scared I am to actually break a release. Thought
> just downloading the po, adding some strings and submitting that back
> would do the trick. ;-)

That should be fine -- you have not touched the de.po file on the stable
branch, which means that it looks just like it did in 1.6.3:

  $ hg diff -r 1.6.3:stable de.po
  (no output)

When 1.7 is released in November, de.po from the default branch becomes
the new stable de.po, and will remain unchanged until 1.8 unless you
begin working on the stable branch then. I think that is OK -- concerned
German users are free to step up and maintain the German translation on
the stable branch if they want. But you guys can start slowly and focus
on the default branch.

Martin Geisler

aragost Trifork
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