[PATCH] doc: clarify smtp.password usage

Martin Geisler mg at aragost.com
Thu Sep 23 07:30:52 CDT 2010

Anthony Foiani <anthony.foiani at gmail.com> writes:

> On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 3:03 AM, Martin Geisler <mg at aragost.com> wrote:
>> Nice -- I was just looking over that setting recently and the comment
>> about coupling username and password seemed strange to me. This is nicer
>> and I've pushed it to stable as ffcceca7406d.
> Glad to help. Here's my long-form description; I didn't think it
> warranted a separate "0/1" patch mail, but if you have any use for it,
> please feel free. :)

Hehe, no, it's fine -- when I read the patch I made up a justification
in my head along the same lines :)

> This patch updates the documentation to reflect the current behavior
> of the smtp.password configuration value.
> The old docs claimed that smtp.password had to be specified whenever
> smtp.username was given.  After looking through the code and
> experimenting a bit, it seems that the current behavior is to prompt
> for a password.
> (I'm only putting this effort in so that other people don't lose time
> trying to figure out how to keep their email account passwords out of
> clear-text config files... :)
> I have no particular attachment to the wording; I'd be happy to see
> any change that accurately reflects the current behavior.  (I also
> took the opportunity to remove "preposition at the end of a sentence"
> issues, but those are also under the "no particular attachment"
> clause.)
> Thanks!
> (I'm not subscribed to the list; if you would like any further input
> from me, a CC would be appreciated.)
> Happy hacking,
> t.

Martin Geisler

aragost Trifork
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