[PATCH 0 of 2 v3] commands: add editconfig

Martin Geisler mg at lazybytes.net
Sun Sep 26 17:02:13 CDT 2010

Brodie Rao <brodie at bitheap.org> writes:

> This series adds "hg editconfig".
> I've incorporated feedback on my previous patch submission:
> - "hg help showconfig" now mentions editconfig.

I like these patches, but it just occured to me that instead of having
two commands (editconfig and showconfig) to do different aspects of the
same thing, maybe we could have

  hg config        -> showconfig
  hg config --edit -> editconfig

I know this overlaps with the help topic of the same name, but we could
rename that 'hg help configuration' or something like that.

It's just that we don't have any other commands of this compound form.

Maybe we could even make

  hg config --set ui.username='Martin Geisler'

work, provided we have a good library for editing the .ini files.

My TortoiseHg used to complain a lot about me missing an 'iniparse'
module which it said would allow me to edit the settings... so I guess
we should start by looking at that :)

Martin Geisler

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