[issue2636] Subrepos in local clones do not use hardlinks

Mike Williams bugs at mercurial.selenic.com
Thu Feb 10 16:55:52 CST 2011

New submission from Mike Williams <obsd1 at eandem.co.uk>:

Local clones of repos use hardlinks if possible.  If the repo has sub-repos
then even though the root repo uses hardlinks, the sub-repos do not even if
they do when explicitly cloned prior to doing the initial update on the root
repo.  This is seen with 1.7.5 on Win7 x64 with Py2.7 installed. FWIW
VirusScan Enterprise on access scanner in use, not using bit locker.

For the projects I am working on 95+% of the file data exists in sub-repos
which currently makes cloning a slow process and can eat disk space.  It
would be when locally cloning a repo with sub-repos that the sub-repos are
cloned rather than doing init+pull+update, even doing it on an option would
be useful.

Current workarounds are to either use a custom script to clone each sub-repo
explicitly before doing the first update or to use the OnSub and ReLink
extensions to do 'hg onsub "hg relink"' after creating the clone.

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status: unread
title: Subrepos in local clones do not use hardlinks

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