[PATCH 1 of 2 STABLE] mq: qpush fails with infinite recursion in _findtags when status file is wrong (issue2664)

Matt Mackall mpm at selenic.com
Mon Feb 28 02:07:06 CST 2011

On Mon, 2011-02-28 at 08:57 +0200, timeless wrote:
> On Mon, 2011-02-28 at 06:23 +0200, timeless wrote:
> > i did:
> >
> > d) add a test which will prevent people from doing it again (if they run tests).
> On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 8:29 AM, Matt Mackall <mpm at selenic.com> wrote:
> > Oops, so you did.
> >
> > Ok, I guess the ball is in my court to fix this all up.
> yeah, sorry. i managed a bad workaround (not submitted) for the crash.
> tuukka tracked down the regression and suggested the backout as a
> solution (which was much more elegant than my fix -- although
> admittedly not ideal).
> as to oscillation, your commit message was "mq: avoid using
> revlog.nodemap unnecessarily". which to me seemed like an attempt at
> an optimization instead of some other bug fix.

Indeed, a very successful optimization attempt except for your
interesting test case.

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