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Pierre-Yves David pierre-yves.david at logilab.fr
Tue Jan 18 12:38:18 CST 2011

What are "liquid" changeset

Changeset are either *frozen* or *liquid*. *Frozen* changesets are meant to *be
part* of the clean and canonical history and *can not be changed*. *Liquid*
changesets can be *modified* until satisfaction, they *are not part* of the clean
and canonical history until they are *frozen*.

A *liquid* changeset can only have *liquid* descendants. A *frozen* changeset
can only have *frozen* ancestors.

Liquid changesets are useful as people usually want to refine they changes before summitting them to upstream or push them into they official repository.

What I did at the moment

I made a *draft* implementation of a liquid changeset into an extension.

The *liquid* extension add two new commands :

:hg liquify <revset>:
    Turn *frozen* changeset in <revs> into *liquid* one.  Fails if any
    changeset frozen by this command still have *frozen* children.

:hg freeze <revset>:
    Turn *liquid* changeset in <revs> into *frozen* one.  Fails if any
    changeset frozen by this command still have *liquid* descendant.

The *liquid* extension changes the behaviour of the following commands:

:hg commit:
    New commit made as the children of a *liquid* changeset are themself *liquid*

:hg push/outgoing/bundle:
    When no explicit revision argument is provided, *liquid* changeset are
    not included in the discovery.

:hg pull:
    When new changeset are pulled as children of *liquid* one, all they
    *liquid* descendants are frozen to ensure consistency.

The *liquid* extension add the ``liquid()`` symbol to revset. For example you can use ``hg log -r 'liquid()'`` to get the list of all *liquid* changesets. or ``hg log -r 'liquid(42:1337)'`` to get the list of liquid changeset in the 42 to 1337 revision range.

The *liquid* extension is integrated with mq:

* Changesets created by ``qpush`` or ``qnew`` are *liquid*.
* Changesets imported with ``qimport -r`` are *liquefied*.
* Changesets left by ``qfinish`` are frozen if possible (when ``qbase`` is *frozen*)
* mq patches related to *liquid* changeset are qfinished if the at changeset freeze (by explicite call to :hg:`freeze` or automatic freeze from :hg:`pull` for example)
* *Liquid* changeset deleted with ``strip`` or ``qpop`` doesn't confuse the liquid extension.

This extensions is a *draft* a **MUST** not be used except for testing purpose.
See the Warning section for details. In case of trouble run ``hg fixliquid`` of
delete the ``.hg/liquid`` files.

The extensions code can be found here. https://bitbucket.org/marmoute/liquid

They is an experimental version of the *hgview* extension that display liquid
changeset.  Liquid changeset are drawn squared and get a "liquid" notice in
they description. https://bitbucket.org/marmoute/hgview-liquid

Future evolutions

The above interface is a *draft* and is open to discussion. I hope we can agree
in short delay about how we want Mercurial's core commands to handle *liquid*
changesets and what the user interface to manipulate them should look like.

Once (or while) we agree about the above we must performs the two following
action before being able to start using *liquid-hg*.

* add compatibility to all cores commands compatible with liquid changesets

* Add compatibility with *liquid-hg* to all extension related to history
   editions. I'll talk more about the unification of the history editions
   relation extension in a specific thread.

When both core command and history related extensions are compatible with
*liquid-hg*, we can forbid modification of *frozen* changesets. This is a important
requirement for the efficient sharing and storage. Once we get *liquid-hg* usable,
we can make it powerful.

* Create simple and robust way to share liquid changeset.  We had a lot of
  discussion about it during the sprint. I'll make a separate thread about it.

* Provide efficient storage for liquid part of the history. We should be able
  to get a specific format more flexible but less compact than revlog. dsop and
  tonfa talked about it during the sprint. I'll let them explain their idea.

Implementation details

The ``.hg/liquid`` file stores information about liquid changeset in the forms ::

    <liquid_id> <40_char_long_nod_hash>\\n

a ``liquidpool`` class is handling liquid related stuff. Repo object are upgraded to the ``liquidrepo`` with a ```pool`` attribute. The liquidpool objet is meant to be **only** interface to handle liquids. It has methods:

* To check if a changeset is *liquid* or *frozen* and get is "liquid id".
* To check if a changeset can be *liquefied* of *frozen*.
* To *liquify* or *freeze* a changeset.
* To notify *update* or *deletion* of a liquid changeset.

Extensions can also add callback for *liquify*, *freeze*, *update*, *delete*
operation. This callback mecanisme is to be used by mq to synchronise mq file
when other extensions alter liquid changset.

The current implementation is quick and dirty. No test, few comment, no lock, no
transaction integrity, messy message etc.


The most important task at the moment is to think about what you want *liquid
hg* changeset  and to discuss the user interface of this draft implementation.
The faster we can "freeze" the semantics and interface, the sooner "liquid hg"
will flow.

Technical/semantic stuff to do I have in mind are :

* Add liquid support to the templater to allow commands as log, incoming,

* outgoing, identify, etc to show that a changeset is liquid

* Add liquid support to rollback and any other command incompatible with liquid extension.

* Property lock repository during liquid operation

* Ensure transaction integrity

* Add verify support

* Improve ui and i18n

* Add liquid support to core history viewer as hgweb and hgk.

* Define and add liquid support for other history editing extensions as rebase or histedit.

* improve mq support to external refresh.

* Add liquid support to external viewer as tortoise-hg or machg.


This extensions is a *draft* a **MUST** not be used except for testing purpose.

* Does not lock the repository to ensure consistency.
* Does not ensure any transaction integrity.
* Does not support all Mercurial commands (eg: rollback is not supported).
* Have no compatibility with history editing extensions except basic support for mq.
* Did not received any quality testing.
* The set of commands and they semantics are subject to change at any time.
* The internal API will change too.

In case of trouble run ``hg fixliquid`` of delete the ``.hg/liquid`` files.


Liquid is coming! Prepare you arch!

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