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On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 10:33 AM, Martin Geisler <mg at> wrote:

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> I claim that you cannot collaborate (efficiently) on a versioned patch
> repository. I've never seen it happen. It is hard enough to work
> together on files using patches -- working together on second-order
> patches makes things much harder.
> Personally, I've worked on a set of versioned MQ patches with Henrik and
> I think it only worked because we took turns editing the patches.

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> I cannot be the only one who have looked at our development process and
> thought "hey, wait a moment... they use *patches*? and they implicitly
> *rebase* them all the time? Why don't they use their own tool more?"
> I know the answer is that email is incredibly flexible, but I also know
> that we've talked about the problem of losing patches at the last two
> sprints. Bitbucket just launched a nice 'pull request' feature that
> would let us get some overview back: people make a pull request on
> Bitbucket and we can reject/accept them there.

FWIW, I really believe Martin is spot-on with these comments.  It's
important to realize that in order to develop great product -- commercial or
open-source -- one needs to understand his user base and dogfood his own
product in the same way that his users use it in real-world situations.
This means using all of the features the team recommends to others as a
solution for real-world problems.  It means using the tool on multiple
platforms and purposely putting yourself in different use cases so you can
see from an end-user's perspective what it is /really/ like to use the tool.

The development model the Mercurial project uses is simply not scalable to
any kind of fast-moving, large development team with any kind of a sizable
codebase and parallel feature development going on.  I would strongly
encourage/support the movement towards a development model that is more
current and realistic for large teams.


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