undo/redo and liquid hg

Arne Babenhauserheide arne_bab at web.de
Wed Mar 2 11:37:40 CST 2011

On Wednesday 02 March 2011 17:25:58 Jason Harris wrote:
> Maybe one of the planned features for version 1.9 could be a "real" undo /
> redo? Of course now with subrepositories and other things users can get
> themselves into a real bind by using rollback. Eg do a commit in the parent
> repo and then a roll back in the sub repo... that kind of thing. It would
> be very nice to have a fuller mechanism here...

Something like that would be nice, yes. Maybe it would go well together with 
the Liquid HG ideas. 

After all, an undo is just nonpermanent history, and having full undo and redo 
for all non-frozen changesets would be quite nice.

Best wishes, 
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