Experimenting with exemaker

timeless timeless at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 13:45:39 CST 2011

fwiw, i've started trying to play w/ thg for Windows because a
colleague installed it. i hit a bunch of headaches and may have sent
partial patches for some bits.

I'm unlikely to be able to do much more in this area unfortunately as
I have too many other commitments. My biggest complaint (and I should
post this to some thg thing instead) is that it's really hard to test
the shell integration w/o doing lots of extra work. Ideally Workbench
would offer a mock host for testing the shell integration w/o using
the real explorer.

A quick skim of the original proposal leads me to think that it's the
right approach. And yes Vista does have those fun rewrite bits, which
are really as magical as described. Note that Google Chrome's approach
to this is to install into local user space. By doing this, the
individual user can always upgrade / change etc.

Global installing Mercurial or BZR or Git IME is a royal pain, this
applies equally on all platforms - konigsberg (linux) of late likes to
claim my Hg tip builds are 1.5.4 because it's finding the system
installed version object.

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