RFC: committer field in extras for applied patches

greg at gerg.ca greg at gerg.ca
Thu Mar 31 19:33:22 CDT 2011

On 29 March 2011, Eric Eisner said:
> The motivation for this feature is from hg's repo: being able to see who
> reviewed and committed a patch that was not committed by crew/mpm. Other
> projects that accept a lot of patches via patchbomb would also benefit. I'm
> mostly focusing on the semantics of when to add the metadata, and ignoring
> for now how one would view it.

+1, if only for feature parity with git and bzr.  ;-)  

No, seriously, I think this would be nice to have even if git and bzr
did not already have it.

> Idea 2: Every commit to the repo
> This would be implemented at a lower level, maybe in repo.commit. Any time a
> supplied user is different from ui.username(), add committer=username to
> extras.
> In addition to patch creation, the --user flag of commit/qrefresh will
> create committer=ui.username(). This mostly seems pointless to me though.
> This is pretty much the semantics of git for comparison.

I like this choice.  Once or twice at work I have had good reason to
use "hg commit -u" to forge a changeset on someone else's behalf.  It
would be nice to have a formal record that I committed something but
was not the author, and IMHO commit -u is morally equivalent to import
or qimport.

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