Confirming user name and password

Jason Harris jason at
Mon May 2 19:18:27 CDT 2011


From MacHg I just discovered the following: I am likely just missing something but is there a command which will test to see if a user-name + password are acceptable to a server?

I was using the identify command to see if I could log in with the given username and password.

[Volt:~/test/exclude-changesets] exclude-changesets 3(3) ⌘ hg identify --rev tip
[Volt:~/test/exclude-changesets] exclude-changesets 3(3) ⌘ hg identify --rev tip

Clearly the password can't be both dog and cat. Is it a bug that the server doesn't reject the request when the password is incorrect? Actually is this bitbucket specific?

Ie is there some 'hg debuglogincheck' or something that I am just missing? Should there be?

Of course a push will fail but I need to be able to pre-test the password when the user is configuring the server connection.


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