deltaparent or deltabase; let's decide

Martin Geisler mg at
Thu May 5 03:24:29 CDT 2011

Sune Foldager <cryo at> writes:

> The concept of the parent or base of a delta, meaning the revision (or node)
> holding the text that a given delta is a patch for, is arbitrarily called
> deltaparent and deltabase throughout the code. We also have a related but
> separate concept 'base' in revlog, meaning the base of a chain of such deltas.
> We should decide on either deltaparent or deltabase, and change the code
> accordingly.
> Arguments in favor of deltabase include that it's the base of a delta.
> Arguments against is that it might conflate with the base of a delta CHAIN.
> Arguments in favor of deltaparent include that it's the parent of a delta ;-).

I like deltaparent too.

Martin Geisler

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