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On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 10:37 AM, Friedrich, Anna-Christina
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> After converting to batch, you have to adjust the batch script once in a while.
> For example:
> I discovered that some .t tests contain comments using #.
> On the other hand there are .t tests which use # inside hg commands, e.g. commit-comments or filenames.
> Most of my tool does string search and replace. Therefore it is not possible to automatically decide
> whether # introduces a comment or is used inside a command.
> What I did is: deleting comments manually.
> I hope it is clear that prefixes wouldn't solve this problem?

Not exactly. This specific instance is easily solved since # only
starts a comment if preceded by whitespace. Using regexes you can
easily differentiate these. If you compile a list of things where
manual intervention was needed, maybe we can help finding ways to
automate them.

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> On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 10:06 AM, Friedrich, Anna-Christina <Anna-Christina.Friedrich at> wrote:
>> I know cmd.exe is not as powerful.
>> Martin pointed out the right thing which is essential for our use of mercurial:
>>>I think part of the fun is to run the commands using cmd.exe -- this
>>>is what most users will end up doing, so if the test suite is to have
>>>any value, we need to test in that environment.
>> As I mentioned before, I implemented a converter tool, which made
>> approximately 130 tests executable on Windows.
>> The tool turns .t files into batch files. It is not perfect and once in a while you have to adjust some parts manually.
>> The major benefit is that those tests run via cmd.exe.
> Can these "once in a while" things be addressed with Matt's (U) and
> (W) prefixes so that your conversion would be fully automatic, that is, not requiring us to maintain tests as both .t and .bat files?
> -parren
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