Bug tracker buggy?

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Wed May 11 17:09:42 CDT 2011


It seems I have started receiving e-mail notifications for issues I
have nothing to do with.

An example is http://mercurial.selenic.com/bts/issue2804. The nosy list
on the Web UI says: "Grauw,mg,yunlee".
Yet I have received an e-mail notification for a new comment on this
issue, and the "To" line in that e-mail is the following:

To: d3ck0r at gmail.com, danchr at gmail.com, friedrich_h at gmx.de,
 hkroger at gmail.com, mercurial at srasku.net, merwok at netwok.org,
 mg at lazybytes.net, mpm at selenic.com, nadyazyk5527 at gmail.com,
 nixsoftdev at gmail.com, pitrou at free.fr, richard.davies at elastichosts.com,
 seschwar at gmail.com, simohe at besonet.ch, sspweb0120070 at gmail.com,
 thomas at intevation.de, yun.lee.bj at gmail.com

I have also received a couple of Russiam spams (?) from user "helix" on
this same issue. Is it related?



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