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Sun May 15 13:16:07 CDT 2011

7 new changesets (1 stable) in mercurial:
changeset:   14323:a79fea6b3e77
user:        Sune Foldager <cryo at>
date:        Sat May 14 00:30:32 2011 +0200
summary:     debugindex etc.: add --changelog and --manifest options
changeset:   14324:d3a49a52f117
user:        Brendan Cully <brendan at>
date:        Sat May 14 22:07:58 2011 -0700
summary:     Hardcoding ARCHFLAGS breaks the build against fink's python
changeset:   14325:f9e91a400c16
user:        Matt Mackall <mpm at>
date:        Sun May 15 11:50:15 2011 -0500
summary:     revlog: restore the base method
changeset:   14326:6078a99af433
user:        Matt Mackall <mpm at>
date:        Sun May 15 11:50:16 2011 -0500
summary:     debugrevlog: add --dump flag to dump graphable per-revision statistics
changeset:   14327:d943412e2fba
user:        Javi Merino <cibervicho at>
date:        Sun May 15 18:00:22 2011 +0100
summary:     extdiff: grammar "allows to" -> "allows one to"
changeset:   14328:3c65cdcf3ba6
branch:      stable
parent:      14275:2a6ee654655e
user:        Steve Borho <steve at>
date:        Fri May 13 19:46:36 2011 -0500
summary:     simplemerge: do not allow binary files to abort an entire merge
changeset:   14329:abaacdab38f6
tag:         tip
parent:      14327:d943412e2fba
parent:      14328:3c65cdcf3ba6
user:        Matt Mackall <mpm at>
date:        Sun May 15 13:15:41 2011 -0500
summary:     merge with stable

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