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Thu May 19 12:42:52 CDT 2011

Isaac Jurado <diptongo at> writes:

> On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 3:00 PM, Dominik Psenner <dpsenner at> wrote:
>>> You'll be disappointed to learn that Unix has been playing nanny and
>>> preventing users from hardlinking directories since at least 1976.
>>> See line 5921 in Lions' if you have a copy handy. And you know
>>> something is a -seriously- bad idea if Unix won't let you do it.
>> I'm aware that the unix world prevents normal users from hardlinking,
>> but still: superusers can do and there are usecases where it makes
>> sense.
> Superusers can hard-link a directory? Excuse me, but I'm lost at this
> point:
>     root at findus:~# mkdir testdir
>     root at findus:~# ln testdir link_to_testdir
>     ln: `testdir': hard link not allowed for directory

My manpage has

        -d, -F, --directory
              allow  the  superuser  to attempt to hard link directories (note:
              will probably fail due to system restrictions, even for the supe-

It failed for me when I tried it:

  $ ln foo bar -d
  ln: creating hard link `bar' => `foo': Operation not permitted

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