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Martin Geisler mg at
Mon May 30 05:29:23 CDT 2011

Alexander Sauta <demosito at> writes:

Hi Alexander,

I'm putting the mercurial-devel list on Cc so that the other developers
can see what's going on.

> Hello, Martin.
> I'm sorry for such a slow work - been very busy last week.
> Nevertheless, I've translated help for more than 20 commands and
> published it in my BitBucket repo
> ( This is in no way
> complete translation for even these commands, since it has a lot of
> typos and fuzzy translations.

Excellent work! You're right that it is a gigantic task to translate all
the commands so it's perfect that you send what you've got now.

> However, I would like you to have a look at it and say if I'm doing
> right. I mean, is such workflow acceptable?

Yes, your changesets look spot on and I'll push them to the hg-i18n
repository next.

> I also have some questions to you:
> 1. Quoting wiki: >If your change concerns the stable branch, then
> please remember to update to that branch...
>     Now my changes are definitely on default branch, since there is no
> russian translation in latest stable release. But then when should I
> commit to stable branch in future?

We have two tracks in Mercurial:

* default branch: released every 4 months. There is a steady stream of
  changes to the strings here.

* stable branch: released every month. The strings here change more
  slowly, except when we get near a release and the default branch is
  merged into stable.

Your translation on the default branch will be released from the stable
branch next month for the 1.9 release on July 1st. After that point the
translation will exist on both branches.

I suggest you keep translating on the default branch. That way you wont
notice any big changes when a release is done and you'll always be
translating the latest-and-greatest.

I've pushed your changesets to hg-i18n on Bitbucket and given you push
access to the repo, welcome!

> 2. I'm running Ubuntu10.04 and when viewing translated messages the
> lines have width about 25-30 characters, after which newline is
> inserted in terminal.
>     Other languages are rendered with normal text width, I see no
> artificial linebreaks. So I must've messed something with encoding or
> anyhing else. Do you know
>     what is it about?

I see it too on Debian testing... and I can reproduce it with Danish if
I just insert enough multi-byte characters on the same line. So we've
messed up somewhere when counting the length of the lines.

Thanks for letting me know, I'll try to fix it.

Martin Geisler

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