[PATCH] svn subrepo: abort only on nonzero process exit code, no longer assuming warnings are errors (issue2833)

Regis Desgroppes regis.desgroppes at nokia.com
Tue May 31 05:58:13 CDT 2011

Here's an updated version of the patch, based on the default branch.
The proposed implementation consists in:
- determining if the command failed by only considering the exit code of 
the process. This is new.
- if it failed with an error output, aborting with the error output as a 
message. This is the same as before.
- it it failed without error output, aborting with a frequently observed 
message: "exited with code N". This is new.
- if it succeeded but with an error output, logging the error output as 
a warning. This is new.
Additional notes:
- fixed mail composition time typo (extra 'e') reported by Matt.
- favoring single quotes for strings.
- for Augie: no "log and throw" behavior as the error output, if any, is 
printed once (abort message xor warning message).
Hope this is acceptable to you now.

# HG changeset patch
# User desgropp <regis.desgroppes at nokia.com>
# Date 1306838482 -7200
# Node ID 922c0b1c1f646a1ba1a94c391438b64a23f61374
# Parent  d1a1578c5f7860b17f2f238b2c1e6adb555ffa4f
fixed issue2833: aborts nows depends on svn exit code

diff -r d1a1578c5f78 -r 922c0b1c1f64 mercurial/subrepo.py
--- a/mercurial/subrepo.py    Fri May 27 15:59:52 2011 +0200
+++ b/mercurial/subrepo.py    Tue May 31 12:41:22 2011 +0200
@@ -547,8 +547,10 @@
                               universal_newlines=True, env=env)
          stdout, stderr = p.communicate()
          stderr = stderr.strip()
+        if p.returncode:
+            raise util.Abort(stderr or 'exited with code %d' % 
          if stderr:
-            raise util.Abort(stderr)
+            self._ui.warn(stderr + '\n')
          return stdout


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