[issue3042] Ignore by file content(pattern)

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Sun Oct 9 09:39:35 CDT 2011

New submission from Bogdan Mart <mart.bogdan at gmail.com>:

.hgignore syntax change or another config file

possible solutions:

If only lines matched by pattern changed -- not commit file, otherwise commit whole file
Commit all lines except matched by pattern

For example

We  have VisualStudio projects
and it sometimes changes following line in project file

-    <ProductVersion>9.0.21022</ProductVersion>
+    <ProductVersion>9.0.30729</ProductVersion>

and version vary on different PC.

What I want:

Commit his stuff only if other content of project changed (ie. add new file)

Or don't commit his line at all!

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nosy: winnie
priority: wish
status: unread
title: Ignore by file content(pattern)

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