[RFC] New core command: graft

Gilles Moris gilles.moris at free.fr
Mon Oct 10 03:08:34 CDT 2011

On Monday 10 October 2011 12:23:38 am Matt Mackall wrote:
> This is a command we discussed at the 1.5 sprint in Paris and almost got
> finished there as a rebase feature, but then forgot about. Later, I went
> and changed the merge core to make it simpler to do rebase's magic.
> Now I've finally decided to try resurrecting the 'graft' command idea as
> a core command.
> The basic concept is similar to transplant, except:
> - it uses real 3-way merge logic rather than patching
> - it doesn't work between different repositories
> The trick here is that rather than use the 'natural' merge ancestor, we
> choose the parent of the grafted changeset.
> The implementation I have so far works, but there's still some work to
> do:
> - needs to actually support --continue
> - needs testing
> Among other things, I'm looking for feedback on the UI and what features
> are critical. Right now, it copies the details of grafted changesets
> (user/date/description) verbatim. That's an ok default, but it seems
> like we'd like to be able to tweak that.

Hi Matt,

I am extremely happy to see this happen, thanks for it. I think the python 
team will love it as well.
I am even more happier to see that graft will be a core command.

For the UI, I would like to see:
 -N --no-commit   : I would like to see that at least for single rev grafting,
                    though it could be interesting for mutirevs grafting. This
                    avoid any commit and just leave backports as local
                    Original commit message(s) could be left in
                    for reference.

 -U --currentuser : to update the rev with the current user; another way would
                    be to have this as an author in extra(), I remember having
                    seen this concept, but this would IMO require some support
                    to display in hg log. Not sure a '-u USER' option is worth

 -D --currentdate : same for the date

 -e --edit        : as a replacement of the previous -N option and to avoid
                    having to use MQ (non core) to edit commit messages.
                    If the -N option could be implemented, then the '-e'
                    option may be dropped.

Also seeing the graft source with hg log -v would be interesting.

Thanks for all.

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