[RFC] New core command: graft

Laurens Holst laurens.nospam at grauw.nl
Tue Oct 11 13:28:22 CDT 2011

Op 10-10-2011 17:58, Matt Mackall schreef:
>> Otherwise, I like the idea but don’t grok the name. I can’t see me remerbering
>> the name graft to copy changesets…
> Well the choices I'm aware of:
> cherry-pick - cherry-pick originally implied various merge/DAG magic
> that no one can make good on (though maybe I'm the only one who
> remembers this) and isn't an especially good name

Well in common conversation among developers I think it is the word that 
is most commonly used for this kind of operation, at least we’ve always 
used it at the places where I’ve worked, so it seems the most intuitive 
choice to me. I am not worrying about myself remembering the term given 
my somewhat above-average interest in Mercurial, but I would worry about 
my co-workers.

It’s not even an SVN keyword, and that’s from the systems I’ve worked 
with the only one that even tries to pretend there is any merge magic 
(since 1.5, june 2008). Git also uses this term. Personally I never 
associated such tracking with the term, I saw that more as a feature of 
the VCS, and only a recent one. Also as you say there is no real sane 
implementation of it, so why reserve the term for something that can not 
be done :).

The phrase itself doesn’t really imply that kind of meaning in common 
English eather, it just means to ‘to select with great care’, thusly 

So I think it’s a good choice. It’s a familiar term to users, and 
matches git. Better for users to find what they’re looking for at once 
than that they have to resort to google or stack overflow.

My 2 cents :).


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