[RFC] New core command: graft

Gilles Moris gilles.moris at free.fr
Wed Oct 12 02:09:26 CDT 2011

On Wednesday 12 October 2011 09:03:37 am Matt Mackall wrote:
> > I am concerned that any people that will want to reset the commit user or
> > date, will have to use the --no-commit. And once done, you loose this
> > graft_source, with absolutely no way to re-introduce it at the next
> > commit.
> You'll be pleased to hear that I've added an --edit option to launch an
> editor (or an automated tool) on the commit messages. And I've gone
> ahead and done this for rebase, transplant, and import too. I'll add
> date and user options too.

Thanks Matt.
So will there be a --no-commit at all ?

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