[issue3046] Rebase with 'detach', 'resolve' and 'continue' detaches from wrong parent

Ruslan Yushchenko bugs at mercurial.selenic.com
Fri Oct 14 03:28:08 CDT 2011

New submission from Ruslan Yushchenko <yruslan at gmail.com>:

Let's consider following repository (attached as "original")


1. Rebase in one step:
#hg rebase -s B4 -d A4 --detach


(which is correct).

2. Rebase with resolve and 
#hg rebase -s B4 -d A4 --detach --config ui.merge=internal:fail
#hg resolve --all
#hg rebase --continue


This is wrong. Commit messages for both B4 and B4~ are equal, but diffs are

I presume, the merge completed right, but was detached from wrong parent.

files: Test_Repos.zip
messages: 17635
nosy: yruslan
priority: bug
status: unread
title: Rebase with 'detach', 'resolve' and  'continue' detaches from wrong parent
topic: 1.9

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