subrepo grand plan

Mads Kiilerich mads at
Fri Oct 14 09:03:54 CDT 2011

On 10/14/2011 01:48 PM, David.Sedlock at wrote:
> So it would be great if the opposition to Martin's small improvement were reviewed.

I would like to add my 5 cents here:

Mercurial is no democracy. Mercurial is an open project with a smart and 
strong leader with strong opinions. That is the main key to Mercurials 
success (and possibly also to the limited success).

To be specific, that means that no-one has any authority to review 
Matt's opposition and overrule it.

AFAICS the only feasible way forward for subrepos would be to try to 
carefully follow and implement the hints given by Matt and see where 
that will bring us.

Alternatively, if you know what you want and really want it, then it 
might be an idea to just implement that, for example as an extension. 
The maintenance overhead would probably be low if you push as much as 
possible upstream. The risk would be low as long as you only tweak UI 
and defaults (and thus only break upstreams UI stability rule) without 
changing anything in the storage format. (Said with reference to )


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