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> I'm excited for the new largefiles extension, and I have been trying it out
> on some local test repositories.  I realize the extension (in its "official"
> form) is very new and subject to change, but I have a question on how the
> large files are (or are going to be) stored on the server.
> Let's say I have two local repositories S and C.  S represents the "server"
> repository, and C represents a client clone.  If I add large files to C and
> push to S, the large files appear to be stored in $HOME/.largefiles, not in
> the .hg directory for S.  It looks like S just contains hashes for the
> files, which makes sense.  Incidentally, will there be a config option for
> this, for users that wish to sandbox all hg-related files in a separate
> directory?
> Now, let's say I create a new repository accessible over SSH, called S2.
>  If I push C to S2, the largefiles seem to be stored in *both*
> $HOME/.largefiles (in the SSH account) and the .hg directory for S2.  Things
> are getting a bit inconsistent.
> I have not tested HTTP/HTTPS, but what is the expected behavior in this
> case?  There may not be a writable home directory in this case.
> More specifically, what are the planned methods for storing large files on
> mercurial servers?

Ping?  Any comment from the largefiles devs on the planned server storage

I'm also cross-posting to mercurial-devel, as maybe the mercurial user list
is not the right place for this question?

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