subrepo grand plan

David.Sedlock at David.Sedlock at
Tue Oct 18 05:15:04 CDT 2011

Matt, many thanks for the clear reply. BTW, I believe in the "benevolent dictatorship". So let me test my understanding:

The principle is something like this: All commands that can reasonably be regarded as recursive will be recursive by default and there will be no way to defeat this.

Consequently, the low level option that provides a non-recursive scope for commit will be removed. ("We absolutely cannot have a naked 'hg commit' commit everything but subrepos.")


Now a few comments on details:

> make hg add recurse subrepos BY DEFAULT
> ...
> start deprecating all the useless subrepo switches

The "..." troubles me. I'll mention just a few commands: backout, branch, log, rollback, tag.

There are various ways of invoking commands where the recursive behavior has to be worked out in detail. A few examples: What does diff show when invoked with two revisions? Is the push --new-branch option passed to subrepos?

I would expect a plan to address these detailed issues and, if possible, get a reasonable consensus in the community.


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