Who is using subrepos?

Dominik Psenner dpsenner at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 09:24:18 CDT 2011

>Hi everybody,
>In all the subrepo discussions, there is one point I think we've never
>gotten any feedback on: who on this list actually use subrepos on a
>daily basis?
>I would be particularly interested in hearing from people in crew and
>other core Mercurial contributors.
>While I know a lot about subrepos, I don't use them in my normal work,
>so I put "no" in my row. I also know that Henrik and Sune don't use
>them. Please add yourself to this table:
>* Matt:    ?
>* Benoit:  ?
>* Brendan" ?
>* Henrik:  no
>* Mads:    yes?
>* Martin:  no
>* Nicolas: ?
>* Patrick: ?
>* Steve:   ?
>* Sune:    no
>* Thomas:  ?
* Dominik: no

I'm afraid of it. :-) This opinion may change one day when more of the core
people use it daily.

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