Who is using subrepos?

Carter, Eli Eli.Carter at tektronix.com
Tue Oct 18 10:17:47 CDT 2011

> In all the subrepo discussions, there is one point I think we've never gotten
> any feedback on: who on this list actually use subrepos on a daily basis?

We planned to use them, and svn subrepos in particular.  We ran into enough problems with them, we've moved away from that plan.

(Problems encountered that I remember off the top of my head, so it's not just handwaving: 
 * svn revision numbers are insufficient for specifying the state of a repository; you have to include the path, and the revision at which to view that path, which may not be the last revision that modified that path;
 * merging across sub repositories uses different logic than the merge within a repository: hg decides _if_ it will do a merge in the subrepo, but that logic does not match the logic used inside the merge, so you can wind up with a merge of a branch to 'default' leaving subrepositories on the branch, and in other cases, merging the  subrepositories to 'default' within the subrepo
 * restructuring subrepo layouts isn't really supported (moving subrepo location, creating a new one, deleting an old one, and updating across such changes)
 * svn subrepos do checkouts when they potentially could do a swtich
 * hg pull from a repo other than the one you originally cloned for requires hg pulling from within each of the subrepos



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